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Tongue and Lip Ties can be a major issue for new parents and it’s worth addressing as soon as possible. Infants experiencing breastfeeding problems can result in stress for both babies and parents alike. If your baby is not feeding well, it’s worth consulting your GP, midwife or contacting our team at Queensland Tongue Tie Clinic. 

Tongue Tie Treatment Options

There are different opinions on how tongue and lip ties should be treated.

Conservative Treatment Include

There are different grades and severity of tongue ties. Minor tongue ties may spontaneously resolve over time as the frenulum stretches with age and activity. Breastfeeding consultants and speech therapists may be able assist and give support through this process.


For moderate to severe tongue tie that is causing feeding and other problems, frenotomy is a safe, effective simple procedure that can be performed in our rooms.  It involves a simple snip of the frenulum with surgical scissors.

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Why book a Tongue Tie or Lip Tie at our Underwood Clinic?

  • Movement Restriction –  Inability to move the tongue up and down, side to side an inability to move it out past the lower front teeth.
  • Distortion in the shape of the tongue.
  • Breast-feeding difficulties for the baby:  Babies with Tongue tie have difficulty latching and suckling, that may cause difficulty maintaining attachment the breast, chomping, air swallowing, clicking sounds and prolonged feeding. This may lead to poor nutrition, lack of growth, failure to thrive, irritability and exhaustion trying to feed.
  • Breastfeeding complications for the mother: These include nipple pain and trauma, sleep deprivation, mastitis and altered milk supply.
  • Speech difficulty:  Tongue movement is needed for certain sounds such as “s, t, r, z, l and th.”
  • Limitations of Tongue Dependent Activities: Kissing, playing wind instruments and licking ice cream.
  • Poor oral hygiene and tooth decay.

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Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Facts

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